What We Do

We gather coalitions for digital engagement strategies

1. Prayer & Vision Casting

We are in regular prayer for the top 50 countries. As God leads we are contacting Believers, churches or mission teams in a country – or sometimes they contact us.  We share the vision and basics about DJI and continue to pray together for God’s guidance.

2. Gather & Commit to the Strategy

Those led by God gather together (online) and commit together to partner as a coalition working the DJI strategy.

3. Determine Brand & Set-up Assets

Coalition members that are in the country determine a culturally appropriate brand name for use in the digital engagement strategy. National believers translate content to be loaded on the digital engagement channels. DJI through Kavanah Media sets up all brand assets including business accounts, website, social media channels, communication and tracking tools.

4. Identify Focus & Train Coalition

In-country coalition members set the geographic and demographic focus within the country for where advertisements will be run. These choices are made based on where follow-up disciplers are available. Training is given to digital responders and follow-up disciplers.

5. Launch Advertisements & Engage Contacts

Advertisement campaigns are vetted for cultural appropriateness and translated by national believers. The marketing strategy is then implemented and first advertisements launched by DJI through Kavanah Media. Advertisements are kept ongoing to maintain consistency and best develop the audience. As people respond to the advertisements they are engaged in conversation within 24 hours by one or more digital responders. Digital responders guide the contacts to through Scripture and additional media to help identify spiritual seekers.

6. Follow-up Seekers

Once spiritual seekers are identified they are connected to a follow-up discipler who is commited to make contact with the seeker within seven days. In God’s will, the discipler continues meeting with the seeker and ideally others in their relationship network to further unpack the Gospel and lead the seeker to faith in Jesus Christ. The discipler then continues to guide and train the new Believer.

7. Ongoing Prayer & Assessment

DJI with the Kavanah Media team monitors the advertising campaigns and makes data based recommendations to the coalition. Digital responders and disciplers give feedback from their interaction with seekers. Through prayer assessment the DJI lead and coalition members plan subsequent advertising campaigns.  Reports are shared with partners and prayer requests are sent out to prayer supporters.

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