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The DJI logo draws inspiration from the points of a compass and our primary focus to guide people to discovering Jesus and continue to serve as that guide as they place their faith in Him, are discipled and have a compass of their own to guide yet others.  The multiple colors represent the variety of countries and cultures which are the focus of DJI – and the overlapping of those colors represents the collaboration and unity of Believers which is at the core of our approach.

Our focus is the top 50 unreached countries in the world.  For the sake of security, we don’t publish specifics about the countries where we are currently working.  If you would like to discuss the country where you live or serve, please contact us.

If you live in or have a calling to reach one of the top 50 unreached countries in the world, please contact us.  For the sake of security, we don’t publish specifics about the countries where we are currently working.

Through prayer and God’s leading, we reach out to contacts we know or are aware of in the top 50 unreached countries in the world.  If you are living or serving in one of those countries and would like to see a DJI coalition there, please contact us.

There are 5,745 unreached people groups present in the top 50 countries which are the focus of DJI.  Initial marketing campaigns of DJI coalitions are usually in the majority language but each coalition makes decisions about how to impact the UPGs within the country as well.  This may in some locations include curating or creating minority language media or setting up additional online channels.  Geographic targeting of advertising campaigns may also be done specifically to impact UPG areas.

An individual country may have multiple DJI coalitions when this is strategic due to significant cultural, religious background, or language differences.  The core DJI tenets of unity and collaboration remain important and even when multiple coalitions are necessary the goal is still to have them working together.  We do not plan to start multiple coalitions within the same country whose focus is on the same cultural, religious, and language group.

DJI at its most basic level is a partnership of Believers, churches, and mission teams with a Kingdom economy mindset of serving and supporting one another.  DJI through Kavanah Media strives to serve the coalitions by providing for the technical, marketing, administrative, and training tasks so they can focus on the Great Commission task.

No.  DJI has an end to end focus with a desire to see seekers identified, the Gospel shared and seekers led to faith in Christ, new Believers discipled and drawn into new or existing groups and churches that will continue to expand God’s Kingdom in their country.

Websites, social media channels and the various tools implemented for DJI are owned by Kavanah Media but provided to the coalitions as a service to them.  Keeping this ownership under Kavanah helps to insure the best level of security and accountability and allows the coalition members to focus on the local Great Commission work.  Specific media and content used in DJI is owned by their respective copyright holders.  Each DJI coalition works together to make decisions and guide the DJI strategy in their location.

The Discover Jesus Initiative is a program of Kavanah Media which is a business as mission (BAM) organization.  Because of the scope and need of the top 50 unreached countries in the world, we are exploring the possibility of setting up DJI as a distinct non-profit organization but have not made that decision yet.  We’ll keep you posted.


If you live or serve or have a burden for one of the top 50 unreached countries we would love to discuss with you how you could be involved in a DJI coalition that is existing or to start one.  Please contact us!

If you live or serve or have a burden for one of the top 50 unreached countries we would love to discuss with you how we could start a DJI coalition together.  Please contact us!  The ideal would be if you could gather one or two friends from your church or team or another church or team but we can start the discussion with just one.

If we have a group of committed people and especially national Believers who can aid in the translating we can launch a coalition fairly quickly.  Typically, between one to two months.  It involves several meetings at the beginning to solidify our partnership together and gather information for the basic setup.

Every country and culture varies so it is hard to make a comparison.  This is not a quick sprint strategy but more of a marathon.  God is sovereign and determines the responsiveness of people and so we pray and trust Him.  Usually however, it can take at least a year of consistent marketing before we begin seeing regular and sustained results of genuine spiritual seekers being connected with faithful disciplers.

Security is very important to DJI.  Thirty-seven of the top 50 countries are rated with “Very High” or “Extreme” persecution levels and most of the remaining thirteen countries have a “High” level of persecution.  While we trust in God’s protection and accept that there is no situation with zero risk, we do everything we can to implement best practices for security.  Security is one of the major benefits of having business accounts and online platforms setup by and maintained by Kavanah Media.  Kavanah is also diligent in regularly assessing online security risks and providing coalitions with tools to minimize risk.

Not necessarily.  This is one of the positive aspects of partnering together in coalitions.  While we unify with a singular digital strategy under DJI, each coalition member, church, or team pursues their own tactics in evangelism, discipleship and church planting.  So while we maintain a minimum standard of intentional evangelism and intentional discipleship for contacts received, the specifics around evangelistic presentations or discipleship methodologies are left to each individual coalition partner.


Definitely!  Please contact us to discuss more.  Our partnership list on the site includes some of our initial partner mission organizations but we would love to have other organizations, teams, churches or even individuals join in to partner with us.

Please begin by praying.  We greatly desire to gather more people together to pray for these top 50 unreached countries and the work of DJI.  As God directs you through prayer and you feel led to explore more ways to be directly involved with DJI or a DJI coalition in your country, please contact us.

Our greatest need is prayer and the wisdom, faith, direction, and power from God that comes through it.  Please commit today to join with us in prayer for the top 50 unreached countries and the work of DJI.  Beyond prayer, our next greatest need is simply for faithful followers of Jesus Christ who will commit to partner in a coalition and especially for those who are willing to follow-up directly with spiritual seekers.

You can support the marketing costs of DJI by giving through one of our partners with your tax-deductible gifts designated specifically for DJI.  See our giving page for more details.

If you have a burden to see the top 50 unreached countries of the world reached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ there is a place for you!  Begin by praying together with us.  Commit today to pray by going to our prayer page.  We would love to discuss with you other ways you can serve so please contact us.  If you have graphic design, video, or technical expertise we could definitely use your assistance.

Please contact us and we would be happy to discuss with you.  There are multiple possibilities.  Some coalition members in joining DJI have decided to pause or end their previous digital engagement efforts so that they can focus all of their time on the follow-up of spiritual seekers found through the DJI marketing campaigns.  Others have opted to continue their own unique digital engagement efforts while joining in a DJI coalition as simply one additional way through which to receive contacts of spiritual seekers who they will follow-up with.

A small number of coalition members may meet together online monthly with the DJI leader to review the current marketing and plan for the next campaign.  This may or may not include the digital responder.  Follow-up disciplers may not have any interaction with each other unless they are already a part of the same network.

This varies greatly based on the role you might have in a DJI coalition.  The time for a follow-up discipler is based on the capacity they offer to the coalition.  Some disciplers might only receive one person to follow-up at any given time while others might have time to follow-up several in the same general time frame.  One or more national Believers usually will be responsible for translating content which might take 10-12 hours during the initial setup phase and then be more like 1-2 hours a month.  Those coalition members who take more of a coordinating role may have a weekly or bi-weekly online meeting in the first 6-8 weeks but once everything is setup they will typically only meet once or twice a month.  Most coalitions will function best with 1-2 full-time digital responders.  This is the most time consuming role in the coalition and the person serving in this role should be chosen with prayer and discernment.  For many coalitions, the digital responder role is a full-time paid position with a locally appropriate wage.

The first requirement is for prayer and a decision that God is leading you to be a part of a coalition.  Unity and a common desire to see God’s kingdom grow and multiply in your country is needed with a focus on sharing the Gospel, meeting people who want to talk about Jesus and discipling new Believers who can in turn disciple others.  For our digital responders we have a standard that contacts should be messaged within 24 hours of their reaching out to the website or social media page.  Follow-up disciplers are asked to commit to connect with new contacts given to them within one week.  All coalition members need to have a set plan which they use for how they share the Gospel and a set plan for how they intentionally and personally disciple others.

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