We’re drowning!

We’re drowning – but in a good way.  In this Central Asian country we started running a social media advertisement last week covering the entire country for the first time.  God provided more partners with this DJI coalition who have follow-up people over the entire country.  But within a few hours of launching the ad, the number of messages coming in were so many that we had to lower the ad spend so the digital responder had the capacity to have quality discussions with everyone.

Pray for the new expanded reach in this country to be used of God as a catalyst to start a Kingdom movement of people turning to Christ.  Pray for more digital responders to join this coalition and help with the amount of messages coming in.

God is at work through the Discover Jesus Initiative as we seek to see the Top 50 unreached countries of the world reached with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Share this God story with others through the share buttons below and invite more people to join in praying for the lost in the Top 50.


*names changed for the sake of security

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